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Product name Light Rainbow Parent Child Set
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Light Rainbow Parent Child Set

Parent Child Set.

Adult Jewellery Bead Size: Approx 8-9mm

Child Jewellery Bead Size: Approx 6.5-7.5mm

Bead Shape: Smooth Polished Rounded Beads.

Clasp and other metals: Sterling Silver. Adult Jewellery has a hook clasp and Child Jewellery has a Parrot clasp.

Cord: Silk

Available In 4 Sets:

33-34cm Baby Necklace + 18cm Adult Bracelet

33-34cm Baby Necklace + 20cm Adult Bracelet

33-34cm Baby Necklace + 44cm Adult Necklace

33-34cm Baby Necklace + 49cm Adult Necklace

(All measurements are approximate and can vary up to 1cm either side).

Please take the time to measure yourself and your child before choosing a necklace/bracelet length. The best way to meaure is to take small beaded necklace (or length of string), drape it around your childs wrist/ankle to where it should sit, and then measure that against a ruler.

Ideally, your child should not be able to get the necklace in his/her mouth. 

I am able to make up custom lengths upon request.

Directions For Use

  1. Place necklace, bracelet or anklet on the child against their skin, as the jewellery is for wearing only.
  2. Do NOT let the child put the jewellery in their mouth, suck, chew or play with the jewellery.
  3. Supervise the child at all times when they are wearing the jewellery.
    Remove jewellery from the child when they are sleeping and when the child is unattended or unsupervised.


Please refer to pages: Warranty | Terms and Conditions | Care Instructions


Please ensure that you read and understand the safety information contained on our website prior to purchasing and placing the jewellery on your child. You can find the safety information here: Safety