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Product code ULAN100
Product name Uluru Endless Necklace
Price $147.00


Uluru Endless Necklace

Uluru Endless Necklace

Luxuriously Long, Baltic Amber & Gemstone Beaded Necklace.

The necklace can be worn long, looped a second time over the head for a layered look (depending on your head circumference) or worn long and tied in a loose knot at the solar plexus area to create a feature.

Gemstones: Cherry, Cognac and Lemon Baltic Amber & Turquoise*

This necklace measures 100cm in total and has no clasp. 

This necklace can be ordered on natural Baby Blue Silk or Baby Blue Vegan Nylon.

The beads are approximately 8mm diameter, Round & Baroque.

*All Gemstones & Pearls used at Selkiedesigns are natural. They have not been died, colour treated, heat treated or reconstructed/reconstituted in any way unless specified